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Fall 2007 I interviewed alumni when they returned for Homecoming weekend. I taped them against a green screen, then had them send me photos of their place of work. The edited interviews appeared to have been recorded on the jobsite. This was a very cost-effective way to place them in their element without having to travel to do it. http://www.youtube.com/user/jpit88

Composited image

SleepSound SleepSound

Need a video for product development? The cross-discipline design team at the University of Idaho Engineering department did. I produced a short video with a testimonial and demonstration of their baby monitor product.

Painting documentary Painting documentary

In order to include the whole family in the experience in painting a life-size portrait of a patriarch, I was hired to capture the process. I condensed a week's worth of work into an hour and a half program filled with color and laughter. The repartee between subject and artist was edifying and entertaining. Included was an interview with the painter about his background and approach to painting as well as a brief retrospective of his work. (Photo by Joren Lindholm)

PowerPoint to DVD PowerPoint to DVD

I often work with PowerPoint programs. Sometimes to create them and sometimes to create videos to embed into them. People bring me their scrapbooks of photos and clippings and mementos and I develop them into a video presentation. This project commemorated the 25th anniversary of an Islamic mosque on the Palouse.

New Cities Kick-Off New Cities Kick-Off

September 2005. The New Cities Foundation hired me to tape their kick-off event held in Friendship Square. Free BBQ and Dixieland Jazz band.

Camera operator at Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival 2005 Camera operator at Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival 2005

When I worked as a Video Specialist for the University of Idaho Video Center from 1993 to 2000, I always looked forward to covering the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival. Over the years, I filled positions of on-stage hand-held camera operator, director and audio operator. I was very pleased to be part of the crew again this year, hired to operate the middle back camera and getting various close-ups of the performers onstage. This is an event that often gives me goosebumps, because the performances by the students, as well as the big names, are so incredible. Truly a crown jewel of the University of Idaho.

Editing Jeanne Leffingwell's Million Bead Project video.  February 2005. Editing Jeanne Leffingwell's Million Bead Project video. February 2005.

Jeanne and I have known each other since we both lived in Alaska.... more than 25 years now. Her bead project helped students conceptualize a million. She enlisted over 20 schools to participate and make sections of what was assembled into a piece of one million beads. Side benefits for students include being a part of an art piece bigger than their small contribution, a chance to shine with skills of design, and gaining focus and calm and camaraderie in the work of beading with other students. The 2.5 minute video I produced for Jeanne helped her explain her project to potential benefactors, students and teachers in a concise and visual way. She says it "quickly became her most important PR tool." I produced short update videos as the work progressed and continue to work with Jeanne to develop instructional videos about the process.

University of Massachusetts - Amherst Graduation 2004 Video Crew from UVC-TV19
Kevin Le, Krystal Tucker, Susan Allen, Jonada Jashari, GM Marsha Schoeffler, Denise Nunez, Gary Barmin, Ayana Crichton, Video Technician Steve Svoboda, Ron Martinez, Kristin Beauregard

I was General Manager of UVC-TV19 at UMass - Amherst from 2000 to 2004. Union Video Center channel 19 was operated by the undergraduate students in the basement of the Student Union and cablecasted through the campus cable TV system. The only professional staff was myself and a part-time video technician. Every May, I organized a crew to do multi-camera coverage of 4,000 graduates in the football stadium. Students filled the positions of 5 camera operators, audio operator, director, and two publicity people to take orders for the edited videos and DVDs. It was our biggest fund raiser of the year and typically earned UVC several thousand dollars that we could use to purchase new equipment. UVC began as a student video project in 1974, eventually gaining professional staff support and a channel on the campus cable system.


Video production for web courses
March 31, 2005 taping lectures for a UI professor's online education course. She has her powerpoint presentation on the laptop in front. I'll create MPEG-1s of the footage and give them to the web designer to upload into a SofTV program. Her image will play on the right side of the screen and her powerpoint presentation will play on the left side.

Redundancy. I took these photos with my digital camera on a self-timer setting.

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