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Town histories Town histories

Historical photos and extensive research combine to tell the story of the founding of small Idaho towns. Two documentaries have been produced for the Juliaetta-Kendrick Heritage Foundation; one about Kendrick and another about Juliaetta. Purchase information is available at www.jkhfinfo.com.

Orphan Acres Equine Rescue
Marsha, I want to send my thanks for your work on the videos for Orphan Acres. They are so informative and add a warmth that along with the voice-over, personalizes the site and gives it a sense of "immediacy". I have sent it out to friends and family and have already received lots of compliments for you. It will, of course, go out with all grant applications, and to anyone who comes to the website. I have been going out there for over 5 years and you can probably imagine the number of people who make suggestions/promises/arrangments to help - only to disappear from sight! Some individuals turn over horses to Brent without a thought as to how they will be supported. It can be so frustrating. But then there you came with your expertise, your plan, your time, and your quiet fulfillment of an absolutely wonderful gift to the rescue and its outreach. I can't thank you enough. Brent is so happy. We all are. My best to you, Ginger

Brian Gill & Katrina Mikiah CD Release Party Brian Gill & Katrina Mikiah CD Release Party

When Brian and Katrina launched their new CD, they hired me to record the concert at One World Cafe. Plugging my digital audio recorder into their sound system to record the audio, left me free to roam the cafe for best taping positions. Besides the complete concert DVD, they received Windows Media Files of each song so they can post them on YouTube or send them in emails to prospective bookers.

Peter Basoa Video Tribute and Memorial Service
When long-time music promoter Peter Basoa died, Moscow lost a cultural icon. Peter used music for over 30 years to bring people together and create community. I was hired to create a 15-minute tribute of photos and video clips to play at his memorial celebration. In addition, I recorded the speeches and music performed that day to honor Peter's memory. The result was a wonderful mix of stories and music by friends and family touched by Peter's life.

Moscow Renaissance Fair
This hour and a half long documentary will make you feel like you've spent the weekend at the 2006 fair. It includes historical footage and interviews with pioneers of this colorful community event that began in 1974. The many aspects of the fair are represented... music, food, kids' events, animals, the parade, the costume contest, kings and queens... and many interviews with the artisan vendors that make this the most outstanding spring craft fair in the Pacific Northwest. Copies may be ordered from the website : moscowrenfair.org

Dahmen Barn Promo
This video tells the story of the renovation of the Dahmen Barn into an artisan studio and performing arts space. It was developed for the management group as a promotional tool and fundraiser (DVDs are sold in their retail shop). Besides showing highlights of the annual Harvest Festival event, the DVD includes a short historical photo history of the Uniontown, Washington area. For more info, visit their website at artisanbarn.org

University recruitment videos University recruitment videos

Interviews with students and alumni help prospective students understand the career possibilities in Forest Resources at the University of Idaho.

Video Biography Video Biography

Family histories continue to be popular assignments and one of my most satifying endeavors. It can be a transforming experience to recount one's life story and family history all of a piece. When I add the family photos and additional commentary, each person's life jumps to life on video. And what a wonderful gift to be able to share with the entire family... everyone now gets the same photos with narration and identification imbedded right in the video. DVDs are an excellent choice for preserving and sharing family history.

Family History
One hundred year old wedding photos of a big family's brothers and sisters came to life with narration about who they were and what happened to them. A couple of audiotaped interviews were also digitized for inclusion on the DVD. Photo montages set to music were additional tributes to two family patriarchs. A production sure to be a hit at the next family reunion.

Training video Training video

A local entrepreneur needed to streamline employee training and show people exactly what it's like to be a textbook buyer. The video illustrates case scenarios of approaching professors to buy back texts they don't need. The beauty of using video in training is that everyone gets the same message every time. One of the actors got so interested, she became a book buyer after completing the production.

Katie Hoisington

Video memorial
"In the last 18 months my family had tossed around the idea of getting our mother on video playing the piano we so loved to hear since childhood. We all agreed it was past due, recording the wonderful sound of her tickling the ivories in a style all her own. She, however, was not at all interested in being videotaped. All too soon last fall we learned the troubling news that she had pancreatic and stomach cancer, and we knew our chance to record her was going to slip away. Within four months we lost her, but with Marsha's expertise and a brief ten-minute video my youngest sister had taped in 2001, we were able to put Mom's music to a lovely photo tribute for her memorial service. Thank you Marsha for not only your friendship, but your professional product which made our celebration of Mom's life a wonderful gift to all in attendance at her service." Janine Prichard

Vandal Innovation & Enterprise Works (VIEW) presentations
The University of Idaho entrepreneurship program hired me to record presentations by industry leaders. This is what the VIEW director had to say about my work...

Michelle O'Neill, VIEW Director
“The quality is incredible! You did a wonderful job with the introductory ‘panes’ and sound. I was impressed with how you were all set to go in plenty of time before the speaker, you were in an obtrusive spot (the change was our fault), you had everything out of the way of the audience (cords and so forth), you cleared out quickly and unobtrusively afterwards... very professional all around.”

Video for website - The Bubble Movie
Nancy Powell, a blacksmith in Sooke Harbour, British Columbia, hired me to produce a video about her bubble wands. She put the movie on her website so people could see it in action. Nothing sells a product better than a demonstration.

Viola Homan Video Biography
"Marsha made a video biography of my Mother on the occasion of her 90th birthday. Initially Mom was very hesitant, but I convinced her when I said, 'wouldn’t you have liked to have had a video of your grandmother talking about her life?' Marsha did a great job of making my Mother feel very much at ease and produced a wonderful video complete with many family photos. My whole family was very impressed; Mom loves it and is sending it to many friends and relatives. It was Marsha’s patience, great skill at interviewing and editing that made such a professional video possible. I highly recommend her video biography as a superb way of recording family history. You might have to do some persuading to get a parent to do it—but the end result is well worth the effort. This video biography is something our whole family will cherish for generations." ---------------------------- (Gail Adele, daughter of Viola Homan)

Village Bicycle Project Village Bicycle Project

"Marsha donated her time to put together a video for Village Bicycle Project. She gave special effort to getting it just how I wanted. She did a great job making me comfortable on camera, asking me the right questions so I’d tell everything I wanted to say. Its the centerpiece of my information and fundraising presentations."

Dave Peckham

Director, Village Bicycle Project

Leffingwell prepares to glue beads.

The Million Bead Project
"I hired Marsha to make a short [2.5 minute] video about my latest project-in-progress. It quickly became my most important PR tool, and the smartest money I have spent!"

Jeanne Leffingwell

Artist and Designer, The Million Bead Project

City of Moscow
"Marsha Schoeffler provided us with a first-class informational video that we've used as the central feature of our community outreach campaign for the 1912 Center. Marsha not only brought a fresh, creative approach to our messages she did so with a high degree of technological proficiency. She remained thoughtful, collaborative, and flexible throughout our process. We have enjoyed a very successful and positive working relationship with Marsha Que Sera Productions and we happily recommend working with Marsha for others seeking help in conveying important information in a lively, effective manner."

Reese tours space to be renovated.

Joanne Reece
Chair, Mayor's 1912 Center Use Committee

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